Best Scuba Dive Light – Top Expert Review in 2024

Best Scuba Dive Light

Do you want the best scuba dive light? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. A scuba diving light is a specialized flashlight that is designed for use while scuba diving. These lights are waterproof and provide illumination in low light conditions, such as at night or in deep or murky water.

Scuba diving lights come in various sizes, lumen outputs, and features and can be handheld or mounted on a dive helmet or other equipment. Other scuba diving lights offer additional features, such as adjustable beam patterns and multiple power settings.

Scuba diving lights are an essential safety tool for divers, as they can help divers navigate, signal to their dive buddies, and identify potential hazards or interesting underwater features. Let’s continue reading to review our unbiased reviews on top-rated scuba dive lights.

ORCATORCH D710 Scuba Diving Light
ORCATORCH D710 Scuba Diving Light
  • 4 Brightness Levels & Ultra-long Burn-Time – This diving light has high (1700 lumen), medium (800 lumens), low (400 lumens).
  • Intelligent Power Lockout Design – There is a locking function on the switch to prevent unintended operation.
Genwiss Scuba Diving Flashlight Dive Torch
Genwiss Scuba Diving Flashlight Dive Torch
  • BRIGHT LED ILLUMINATION: Adopts Cree LED to emit even, super bright spotlight when diving, fishing, hiking, camping.
  • SUPER BRIGHT: Powerful XM-L2 LED, 2000 lumens, Neutral White light assists you observe target 100 meter away.
ORCATORCH D550 Scuba Dive Light
ORCATORCH D550 Scuba Dive Light
  • Super bright: equipped with high quality Imported LED, the maximum output is 1000 lumens.
  • Light and portable: this scuba diving light is a small and light weight tail magnetic switch diving light.

Top 10 Best Scuba Dive Lights 2023

ORCATORCH D710 Scuba Diving Light

Our Top Pick
9/10 Our Score


  • Brand: ORCATORCH
  • Material: 1.1 Pound
  • Weight: 2.1kg

Whether you are a professional diver or want to explore the ocean, ORCATORCH’s D710 will help you find your best angles. It is super easy to use, and its 3200 Lumen output makes it perfect for diving. The beam distance is 6 meters, so you can get there and find all kinds of critters.

A SST70 LED provides a maximum brightness of 3000 lumens at a color temperature of 6500K. If you need a light that you can use for a long time without worrying about being too bright for your eyes or causing damage to your skin. Especially when you are swimming around near fish and coral, this is the light for you.

If you want a dive light that will give you super bright cool white light, the D710 is a perfect choice. This compact and powerful dive light has a powerful Luminus SST-70 LED that gives you up to 3000 lumens of super bright cool white light illuminating the underwater environment.

It is equipped with an IP68 waterproof rating allowing a diving depth of up to 492 ft/150 m, so whether you are diving in shallow or deep water, this dive light has your back. With a robust design made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is anti-corrosion and lightweight, it gives you a comfortable grip.

This best scuba dive light can withstand pressure up to 150m deep water while still being lightweight and easy to carry. The two-sided tempered glass allows it to resist 150m deep water pressure. So even if there are strong waves on the sea surface during your dive, you will not have any issues using this torch underwater.

The four brightness levels allow for quick access without pressing any buttons. What we like the most about this dive torch are its battery indicator lights that let you know how much battery is remaining. If the light color is green, it means the battery is above 30%, red light means the battery left is between 10 to 30%, and flashing red indicates that only 10% battery is remaining.

Genwiss Scuba Diving Flashlight Dive Torch

Our Top Pick
9.1/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Genwiss
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 0.42 Pound

You might be a professional diver, or you might be an enthusiast who loves exploring the depths of the ocean. Whatever your diving goals are, this 2000 Lumens dive flashlight is what you need to get the job done. Made from aluminum alloy and tough enough to handle extreme conditions, this flashlight will help you explore the depths of your local lakes and oceans without breaking a sweat.

Navigating through murky waters or searching for treasure at the bottom of the ocean floor. Its super bright XML-L2 white LED can provide enough light to illuminate your path in any situation. And if that was not enough, this best scuba dive light also boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, so it is safe for use in even the harshest conditions.

Whether searching for sunken treasures or looking for peace during your morning commute on the train to work, this flashlight should fit right in. If you want a high-quality torch that can help you dive deeper and stay underwater longer, then the Genwiss Scuba Diving Flashlight is what you need.

This diving flashlight has a super bright XML-L2 LED bulb with a 2000lm output. The diving light comes with two O-rings to increase its waterproof performance. In this way, it will withstand harsh conditions and keep working even if it falls into water or gets wet from splashing around on land.

It also has an IPX-8 waterproof design that ensures complete protection against water, dust, and other contaminants. A special anti-oxidation and anti-seawater corrosion coating prevent the torch from breaking down when exposed to harsh conditions such as saltwater or sand particles floating on the water’s surface.

ORCATORCH D550 Scuba Dive Light

Our Top Pick
9.2/10 Our Score


  • Brand:‎‎ORCATORCH
  • Material: Aluminum & Glass
  • Weight: 0.41 Pound

If you are a scuba diver, you need a torch. And if you are a scuba diver who wants to be able to dive at night, you need to get the best possible torch. The OrcaTorch D550 Scuba Dive Light is equipped with high-quality Imported LED that gives off 1000 lumens maximum output.

The brightness of this best scuba dive light makes it easy to see what is happening in front of you, even if the light is not focused on anything. In addition to its powerful beam, this scuba diving torch also comes with a wrist strap that fixes the D550 dive light to the back of your hand and lets you dive freely underwater.

For swimmers and divers alike, it helps them move around without worrying about losing their equipment or getting tangled up while swimming through coral reefs or other underwater caves and tunnels. When looking for a scuba dive light, you want it to do more than just light your way underwater.

You want it to be able to power through the darkest depths of the ocean and keep you safe from all manner of sea creatures. This little guy packs 1000 lumens of light into a compact, lightweight package that only takes up space and weight if you put it in your bag.

It has three modes: high, medium, and hidden strobe. You can adjust the brightness according to how bright or dark the underwater environment is, saving battery life while providing enough light to see what is coming at you. There is no need to worry about running out of battery power while diving for hours.

Sofirn SD05 Scuba Diving Flashlight

Our Top Pick
9.3/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Sofirn
  • Material: 0.26 Pound
  • Weight: 2.1kg

If you are looking for a diving flashlight that is super bright and lasts up to 100 meters, look no further than Sofirn SD05. This lightweight, waterproof flashlight comes in at just under 2 pounds and has a beam distance of up to 100 meters. For anyone who needs to go into the deep waters of their local lake or ocean, this best scuba dive light is an excellent choice for you.

Its super-bright 3000 lumens (max) beam will help you see what is ahead in dark areas and make it easier to find your way back out when diving. It also features a rotatable magnetic ring that allows you to turn the flashlight on or off by rotating the ring.

It has four brightness levels, so you can adjust it as needed. And while this light is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and a hard anodized finish. It is water resistant enough to handle being submerged in water up to 100 meters deep without worrying about corrosion or rusting over time.

The Sofirn SD05 Scuba Diving Flashlight is a great choice for divers who want to see clearly in any condition. Despite being used enough times when engaging in outdoor pursuits like diving or hunting, it can survive for a long time. It has a magnetic rotary switch, which makes it easy to control underwater.

The light’s output power is adjustable between 100 and 600 lumens, depending on how much power you need for your needs at any given moment. No matter what type of diving environment you find yourself in, shallow reefs or deep blue waters, this torch is incredibly adaptable and simple to operate.

APLOS AP01 1050 Lumen Diving Flashlight

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: APLOS
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 0.24 Pound

Who does not love a flashlight that can turn your world into a gorgeous, glowing wonderland? And who does not want a dive light that will give you the power of 10 super bright LEDs in one small package? Meet APLOS AP01 1050 Lumen Diving Light, the most powerful flashlight on the market. With its 1050 lumens, it will make sure you are seen from 170 meters away.

It has got three modes: SOS, low, and high. What if your needs go beyond these three levels? No problem. You can adjust the brightness at any time with a button on the side of the head of this little powerhouse. And did we mention it is rechargeable? So no more worrying about losing your light in the depths of your ocean adventure.

The battery can last for 30 hours on low luminous intensity mode and 1.5 hours on high luminous intensity mode.What we love the most about this flashlight is its ergonomic design which does not feel heavy or bulky. It fits comfortably in your hand and is made from durable materials that will last through years of use without breaking down or losing power over time (even if it gets wet).

The AP01 Dynamic Dive Flashlight is designed for undersea exploration and camping. Waterproof to IPX8, it can withstand immersion in water up to 100 meters (328 feet). With its one-handed operation mode, you do not have to remove your hand from the flashlight if you want to turn it on or off.

Al-6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy makes up the body of this best scuba dive light, which has been treated with military-grade oxidation and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is resistant to scratches and corrosion from saltwater and other corrosive elements. It also helps to regulate temperature quickly, so there is no need for hot spots on the outside of this LED light.

Willcrew DF60 6000 Lumen Dive Light

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Willcrew
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.45 Pound

If you are looking for a new, powerful dive light that can take you through long swims and illuminate your way in the dark, we have the perfect thing for you. The Willcrew DF60 6000 Lumen Dive Light is the perfect tool for scuba diving because it has six of the brightest LED bulbs on the market. So you can get maximum illumination from any angle.

How does this dive light stand out from the rest? On a single charge, it lasts for 15 hours. So, if you are out for an afternoon swim or evening dive, you can keep going without worrying about running out of battery power. And because it is waterproof and shockproof, it will not let even your most challenging adventures get in the way of your exploration.

The light will allow you to dive up to 150 meters underwater, which means you can use it for anything from snorkeling and beach diving to scuba diving and shark-watching. It boasts an illumination distance of 356 meters, so you will never have to worry about getting lost in the dark again!

The brightness can be adjusted in four different ways: Super, High, Medium, or Low. The light will run for up to 2 hours on its highest setting before needing a recharge. On average, the battery pack has five hours of runtime, so it is great for those times when you need just a little more runtime than the default setting offers.

On the lowest setting, you can expect this dive light to last for 15 hours. Moreover, its magnetic rotary switch provides one-handed operation, such as turning this best scuba dive light on and off with one hand. You can expect it to withstand any rough and tough condition because its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is incredibly rugged and durable.

HECLOUD Diving Flashlight

Our Top Pick
9.6/10 Our Score


  • Brand: HECLOUD
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 0.97 Pound

Looking for a diving flashlight that is tough enough to handle the ups and downs of life in the deep ocean? Then look no further. The HECLOUD Professional Diving Flashlight is here, ready to make you look cool while out on the water. It is made of high-quality, sturdy plastic material, shockproof and drop-proof.

Due to its aluminum head, the best scuba dive light can be used outdoors and in water. Underwater submersion up to 80 feet under water is possible with this IPX8 waterproof diving flashlight. You will never have to worry about changing out the batteries again because they can last up to 60,000 hours or more.

This professional diving flashlight has three modes: High/Low/Strobe. With its powerful waterproof performance, this compact dive light is perfectly suited for scuba diving, fishing, boating, snorkeling, and much more. Just remember: when you are looking for something tough enough for underwater use, this flashlight is what you want.

They are still wiggling around on the bottom of the sea. It is designed with three O-ring waterproof rings to make it as functional as stylish. HECLOUD Diving Flashlight also has a wrist strap, so even if you swim in the ocean, you will always have your hands free to grab those lovely fish.

While you are out on the water, you can get some work done. Whatever you are doing, whether at home or on a deep sea expedition, it just will not let anything get in its way. Ultimately, this portable diving flashlight is small enough to fit into any pocket but powerful enough to illuminate even the ocean’s darkest depths.

Odepro ND22 Diving Light

Our Top Pick
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Odepro
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Weight: 0.22 Pound

The Odepro ND22 is a must-have backup light for underwater diving. It is bright enough to see your way through the ocean’s murky depths. But this best scuba dive light is still small and lightweight enough to stash in your pocket or attach to your keychain when you are not diving.

Featuring two brightness levels and a hidden strobe mode, you can choose how much light you want and how intense it is when you need it. The 8° narrow beam angle means this torch will provide concentrated long beams shot when needed. But will not blind other drivers or spook fish from their feeding grounds.

There is an LED battery level indicator at the side switch, so you will know when your batteries are getting low. And if something goes wrong during an underwater excursion? The lockout function will prevent unwanted operations until you are ready to dive again.

The Odepro ND22 dive light is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, anti-corrosion, lightweight, and gives you a comfortable grip. It is waterproof to 150 meters and has two-sided tempered glass to resist the impact of 150m deep water pressure. Double rubber O-rings protect the flashlight from water damage.

If something should happen to those O-rings, though, do not worry. Just replace them with new ones when they get damaged. Doing so will keep your flashlight properly sealed against water. No matter how much rain falls outside when you use this flashlight outdoors, it will be no problem because it is IPX-8 rated.

eecoo 18000 Lumen IPX8 Waterproof Scuba Dive Lights

Our Top Pick
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Brand: ‎‎‎eecoo
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.17 Pound

As an avid scuba diver, having a reliable diving flashlight is an essential piece of equipment. When I came across the eecoo Diving Flashlight, I was immediately drawn to its impressive 18000-lumen output and a wide beam angle of 120 degrees.

I have used this flashlight on multiple diving trips and have been highly impressed with its performance. The bright beam cuts through the ocean’s darkness, making it easy to see even in the murkiest waters. The wide beam angle also allows for a larger field of view, which is especially helpful when diving into areas with low visibility.

The icing on the cake is its IPX8 waterproof rating. I have used it multiple times while diving and have never had any issues with water entering the casing. The seven different lighting modes are also a nice touch, allowing me to customize the brightness and beam width to suit my needs.

It is an invaluable tool for my diving activities, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing a high-quality, reliable diving flashlight. Whether you are a beginner or professional diver, this flashlight will meet your needs and provide a reliable light source while exploring the underwater world.

Regarding durability, the eecoo Diving Flashlight has proven to be a reliable choice. It has a solid build quality and has held up well through multiple uses. The battery life is also impressive, lasting several hours on a single charge. Ultimately, the eecoo Diving Flashlight has exceeded my expectations.

GoZebra D20 3200 Lumen Scuba Dive Light

Our Top Pick
9.9/10 Our Score


  • Brand: GoZebra
  • Material: 0.66 Pound
  • Weight: Aluminum

For scuba divers, underwater salvage operations, and more, the GoZebra D20 is a powerful and dependable dive light. The light source is made up of 50.2 white LEDs, which are able to produce an output of 3200 lumens. This 3200-lumen best scuba dive light has an IPX8 water resistance rating and can withstand depths of 100 meters (328 feet).

It comes with a tough atmosphere-resistant mineral glass lens that makes it suitable for use in extreme conditions indoors or outdoors. The Toughened Mineral Glass lens can resist the impact of 100m deep water pressure, making it ideal for scuba diving or other outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, caving, camping, searching, etc.

To prevent the diver from accidentally touching the switch underwater and causing invalid discharge. Moreover, it is designed with a double-click lock/unlock, so you can save power when battery life is low or somewhere brightness is enough. The magnetic switch design helps keep your fingers away from the switch when it is submerged in water, preventing accidental discharges.

The GoZebra D20 3200 Lumen Scuba Dive Light is a long-lasting dive light built to last. It is powered by an XHP50.2 LED chip and features O-rings on both interface ports for waterproofing your scuba gear, so you do not have to worry about ruining it before getting in the water. This is a great option if you want a reliable light when diving or snorkeling in dark waters.

When diving or snorkeling, you can depend on the 3-hour rechargeable battery to keep you going. It comes with two extra waterproof O-rings, which are convenient for you to replace when the old ones are severely worn out. You can also charge your flashlight with a USB-C cable, so there is no need to take the battery out of your scuba gear to charge it.

Buying Guide

What To Look For When Buying A Scuba Dive Light?

When buying a scuba diving light, there are several factors to consider:

  • Lumen Output

The lumen output of a scuba diving light refers to the amount of light the light produces. A higher lumen output can be helpful for deeper or darker dives but may also result in shorter battery life.

  • Battery Life

Always consider the battery timing of a scuba diving light, as you want the light to stay supplied while diving. Look for a light with long battery life or one that uses readily available batteries that can be easily replaced.

  • Waterproof Rating

All scuba diving lights should be waterproof, but the specific waterproof rating may vary. A higher waterproof rating is generally better, so the light can be used in deeper or more challenging conditions.

Best Scuba Dive Light
  • Size And Weight

The size and weight of a scuba diving light can be crucial, especially if you are planning to carry it with you on a dive. Look for a compact, lightweight, and powerful light to meet your needs.

  • Durability

Scuba diving lights should be durable and able to withstand the rigors of diving. Look for a light with solid construction and a good reputation for durability.

  • Price

Finally, consider your budget when selecting a scuba diving light. While investing in a high-quality light that will last for many dives is generally a good idea, choose a light that fits your budget.

How Much Does A Scuba Dive Light Cost?

The cost of a scuba diving light can vary greatly depending on the features and quality of the light. Introductory scuba diving lights with minimal features and lower lumen counts may cost between $50 and $100. 

Best Scuba Dive Light

While more advanced lights with higher lumen counts and additional features such as adjustable beam patterns or multiple power settings may cost much more. Therefore, you must consider your needs and budget when selecting a scuba diving light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Lumens Does A Scuba Light Need?

The amount of lumens needed for a scuba diving light depends on the intended use of the light and the dive conditions. Generally, a scuba diving light should have at least 1000 lumens for general use, such as navigating in low light conditions or signaling to a dive buddy. 

The beam pattern, battery life, and durability are essential when choosing a scuba diving light. For deeper or more challenging dives, a light with 1500-2000 lumens may be more suitable. It is important to note that higher lumen counts do not necessarily mean better light. Read More.

Where Do You Put A Dive Light While Underwater?

There are a few different options for carrying a dive light while underwater. Here are a few common options:

  • Handheld

One option is to carry the dive light in your hand. You can easily aim the light where you need it, making it useful for tasks requiring additional illumination.

  • On A Wrist Or Arm Mount

Another option is to attach the dive light to your wrist or arm using a mount or a wrist lanyard. In this way, the light will be easily accessible while still leaving your hands free for other tasks.

  • On A Helmet Or Head Mount

Some divers prefer to mount the dive light to their helmet or head using a helmet mount or a headband. It allows you to aim the light wherever you look and can be especially useful for illuminating the area in front of you while navigating.

  • On A BC (buoyancy compensator) Or Weight Belt

Some dive lights are designed to be attached to a BC or weight belt using a clip or mounting system. It will let you carry the light on your body without holding it in your hand.

When Will A Dive Light Be Most Useful?

A dive light can be helpful in various situations while scuba diving. Here are a few examples of when a dive light may be beneficial:

  1. In low visibility conditions: A dive light can be helpful in poor visibility conditions, such as when diving in murkier water or at night. The light can improve visibility and make it easier to see details in the underwater environment.
  2. For navigation: You can use a dive light to help you navigate the underwater environment, particularly in areas with limited natural light or when diving at night.
  3. For signaling: A dive light can signal to other divers, particularly in emergencies.
  4. For observing marine life: The best scuba dive light will enable you to observe and photograph marine life, particularly in areas with limited natural light or at night. The light can bring out the colors of marine life and make it easier to see details.
  5. For tasks that require additional light: It can be helpful for tasks that require additional light, such as inspecting equipment or reading a dive computer.

Overall, a dive light can come in handy in a wide range of situations while scuba diving, and having a dive light available can be a valuable tool for any diver.

What Color Scuba Dive Light Is Best?

There is no one “best” color for a scuba dive light. You should choose the color of the light based on personal preference or the specific needs of the dive. Different light colors can have different effects underwater, and the best color for a particular dive light depends on the dive’s specific conditions and goals.

Here are some general considerations for choosing the color of a scuba dive light:

  • White light is the most common color for scuba dive lights because it provides good visibility and can be used for various activities.
  • Red light is often used for night diving because it preserves night vision and does not attract as much attention from marine life.
  • Blue light is often used for shallow water dives because it is less likely to scatter and can help to bring out the colors of coral and other marine life.
  • Greenlight is often used for deeper dives because it is less likely to be absorbed by water and can provide good visibility at depth.
  • Yellow light can improve contrast and help to bring out details in the underwater environment.

Ultimately, the best color for a scuba dive light will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the diver. It is a great idea to have a few different colors of dive lights available to choose from, as different colors can be helpful in different situations.

Final Words:

Choosing a good scuba dive light can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Start by ensuring that your scuba light offers everything you need and has the desired features. Then consider the cost before you make a final decision. We hope our reviews have helped you purchase the best scuba dive light.

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