5 Best Weight Belt for Snorkeling

Have you ever faced the issue of losing the wet suit or unwanted positive and negative buoyancy while snorkeling? I have been facing the same problem for the past few months due to the change in my body shape. One day, I discussed the same issue with one of my friends, who is a professional diver, and he suggested I to use the best weight belt for snorkeling.

On his advice, I arrange the Riffe Rubber Weight Belt, which makes diving easier for me because it needs less physical effort by a diver. Still, it is better to avoid putting extra weight on the luggage. The standard weight belt for snorkeling will assist in staying at the bottom of the sea. So, you can witness all the underwater creatures and take pictures and videos without hindrance.

Common Types of Weight Belts for Snorkeling

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacRiffe Marseilles Rubber Weight BeltColor: Blue
Note: Lightweight and best for freediving
Check Price
backpacCressi Premium MarseillaiseColor: Black
Note: More elastic and durable
Check Price
cordlessblowerMOOCY 4 Neoprene Pocket Scuba Weight BeltColor: Black
Note: Water and abrasive damage resistant
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cordlessblowerXS Scuba Eight Pocket Weight BeltColor: Black, Blue
Note: Easy to adjust and holds up to 5lbs
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cordlessblowerScuba Weight Belt with 5 PocketsColor: Black
Note: Adjustable strap with self-draining pockets
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Before we start the debate on the best weight belt for snorkeling, it is better to keep an eye on their types. There are two key types of weight belts, whose detail is given below.

  • Nylon Webbing Belt

Mostly, the divers use Nylon Webbing Belts. These are cheaper, durable and most importantly their weight is also less. Due to less weight, these also need less physical work by a diver.
With benefits, these belts also have some drawbacks. A person will restrict his movement and freediving by using the nylon webbing belts. These are the leading causes of slipping the boding and, thus, the short dive. So, it is recommended to go with Nylon Belts after researching well.

  • Rubber Weight Belt

Rubber Weight belts have very few downsides as compared to nylon weight belts. Fishermen and free divers mainly use these belts. They adjust with the body efficiently when compressed, so there will be no slips like nylon belts.
By using these belts, all will feel comfortable, and all your focus will be on finding and exploring the underwater creature. Moreover, they will assist you in reaching your potential.

Top 5 Best Weight Belt for Snorkeling

New people who entered the snorkeling field are mostly nulled about the weight belts. So, they fall into the trap of different companies and waste their precious money. This mistake can be a significant cause of limiting your diving abilities. Considering all these possibilities, this article will discuss the top 5 weight belts for snorkeling. Further details of these are given below.

Best Snorkel Belt for Freediving
Riffe Marseilles Rubber Weight Belt with SS Buckle - Blue Camo

Riffe Marseilles Rubber Weight Belt with SS Buckle – Blue Camo

Riffe Rubber Weight Belt is perfect for all types of snorkeling and diving. It is a stretchable rubber belt that expands and constricts with your diaphragm.
Riffe belts have a cam-lock buckle made with glass-filled nylon. One can adjust and then fasten it according to their size. For this, you must pass through the belt from the buckle.
Furthermore, if you’re in a situation of emergency at the bottom of the water surface, you can open the belt easily. So, you will jet back to the top of the surface in no time.
If we talk about the dimensions of this belt, it is 54 inches long and 2 inches wide. Moreover, it can easily manage to load weight of up to 20lb.

  • Works well to hold the extra weight
  • The best product in its price range
  • Easy to use;
  • Great for freediving as well
  • Too small and thin weight belt

Best Durable Buckle Belt
Cressi Premium Marseillaise Rubber Belt

Cressi Premium Marseillaise Rubber Belt

Cressi Premium Marseillaise Rubber Belt works great for passionate freedivers and scuba divers. The divers can keep down under the water after wearing this belt without fear.
When you’re at the bottom of the surface, your wetsuit will expand automatically. In such a situation, the Cressi Premium Maseillaise Rubber Belt will help keep on the original position of the wetsuit.
The belt buckle is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and can quickly release in an emergency. Furthermore, the buckle pin is also made of light and durable steel, which is easy to open in an emergency.
The Cressi Premium belt is made of high-quality stretchable rubber, which automatically tightens up during descent and loses at the time of ascent.

  • Super-durable rubber weight that stretches and shrinks easily
  • Keep the weights in the proper position during ascents and descents
  • Rich with a quick-release pin at the time of emergency
  • Provide secure and complete grip
  • Still, no issue is detected

Best Snorkel Belt for Waiste
MOOCY 4 Neoprene Pocket Scuba Weight Belt

MOOCY 4 Neoprene Pocket Scuba Weight Belt

Mostly wetsuits are filled with air so that the diver’s buoyance goes back to the water’s surface in an emergency. Moreover, some divers with low wait remain unsuccessful in reaching the bottom.
We recommended using MOOCY 4 Neoprene Pocket Scuba Weight Belt to overcome this issue. There are 4 pockets in this weight belt. The length of each pocket is about 32 inches, and 16 lbs of weight can be put in a pocket individually. So, one can put weight according to their requirements to enjoy snorkeling.
If we talk about the buckle of MOOCY 4, is made of high-quality stainless steel and is easy to adjustable. It also performs the quick release duty in the time of emergency.
As it is made of rubber, the belt will remain flexible even as a result of loading the weight in the pocket. Furthermore, MOOCY 4 is fit for any waist and the wet suit.

  • Durable and long-lasting weight belt
  • Capable of water-resistant property
  • Having 4 pockets to put the extra weight
  • Fit for all types of waist, either thin or thick
  • Buckle attachment issues are detected in rare cases

Most Popular Waiste Belt
XS Scuba Eight Pocket Weight Belt

XS Scuba Eight Pocket Weight Belt

XS Scuba Eight Pocket Weight Belt is one of the most popular weight belts in the market. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its unique design. Moreover, it is an award-winning belt due to its comfort for divers.
XS Scuba is rich with custom property and thus fits all divers irrespective of their waist sizes. So, the diver can enjoy snorkeling with full of comfort.
A pocket can hold up to 5 lbs and 40 lbs weight as a whole. Furthermore, it is also available in 4,6 and 8 pockets with blue and black colors.
XS Scuba can be an excellent choice for divers who can’t stay at the bottom for a long time, irrespective of struggle. Now, their issue is resolved. They must put the weight in the belt according to their requirements. This way, they can stay down for a long and explore the underwater creatures.

  • Well-made and generously sized weight belt
  • Provide the option to fill pockets according to the diver’s requirements
  • Full with the quick weight changes capability
  • Stop any pressure around the waist during dives
  • Make sure to wash out the sand; otherwise; you will lose the weights
  • Smaller weights fall out in rare cases

Adjustable Snorkeling Belt
Scuba Weight Belt with 5 Pockets

Scuba Weight Belt with 5 Pockets

If your waist is between 32″ to 52″, Scuba Weight Belt with 5 Pockets is the perfect option. Its stainless-steel buckle will ideally help you adjust the belt around your hip.
As it is cleared from the upper mentioned name, it has 5 pockets, which remain flexible even when loaded with heavy objects. Moreover, the structure of the pockets provides instant draining. There is a magic tape attached to each pocket for fastening.
If we talk about the belt, it is made of polyester, which is corrosion free and sturdy. The belt does not slip when you jump into the water nor lose the grip of the diver’s wetsuit. But a buckle made of stainless steel provides the emergency release if needed.

  • Easy to an adjustable weight belt
  • Rich with the quick-release buckle
  • The belt is durable, corrosion-free, and sturdy
  • All the pockets have the capability of self-draining
  • Yet no major issue has been detected
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Buying Guide of Best Weight Belt for Snorkeling

We hope the upper information will help you to select the right weight belt for snorkeling. But we have decided to provide you with additional information to help you buy a perfect piece.

  • Belt

Mainly, the divers use two types of belts: one is made of rubber, and the other is made of nylon. The nylon-made belts are cheaper, weigh less, and are easy to find in the market. But they did not provide flexibility on the contraction of the body when the diver jumps in the water.
The other belt type is rubber, which divers mostly use worldwide. They provide the required flexibility and are more comfortable.

  • Buckle

Buckles play a vital role in exit from the water during an emergency. There are two types of buckles available in the market, one is of the cam-lock shape buckle, and the other is a pin buckle. If we talk about the pin buckle, they are difficult to open in times of emergency. At the same time, cam-lock shape buckles are secure, durable, and easy to open in any situation. That’s the reason we mainly cover cam-lock buckles in the upper paragraphs.

  • Weight

Weight is mostly used with the belts to maintain buoyancy. The wetsuits are mostly filled with air, restricting the diver from reaching the bottom of the water. The diver uses weights between 1 and 12lb to overcome this issue. These also have two types, one is uncoated lead weights, and the other is vinyl-coated weight. You can go with any weights, but ensure they are not sliding around the belt to create inconvenience.

You can check best snorkeling mask alone with perfect snorkeling belt to enjoy an everlasting diving experience.

best weight belt for snorkeling

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, a weight belt for snorkeling should be 5% of your body when you have to wear a 3mm wetsuit.

Yes, Neutral buoyancy can be produced by balancing with gravity in the same way that sinking or floating could.

No, diving a snorkel in your mouth is not a wise act. There is a possibility the water will rush out of your mouth and then into the lungs.

A snorkel mask, dry snorkel, snorkeling fins, wet suit, snorkel camera, and weight belt are essential supplies for snorkeling.

Full-face snorkel masks are better because they allow you to breathe through the nose, unlike regular snorkel masks.


We hope this guide will help you buy the best weight belt for snorkeling. Make sure to choose the rubber weight belts because they provide you with an opportunity to perform at your full potential. They are also stretchy and comfortable, even if you’re new to snorkeling. Avoid going with nylon weight belts because they restrict your diaphragm when you jump in the water. So, with nylon belts, you will not feel comfortable for long and even quit snorkeling at the beginning.

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