How Long can Freedivers Hold Their Breath?

How Long can Freedivers Hold Their Breath?

Do you want to go freediving and want to know how long can freedivers hold their breath? The answer is that it’s not easy for people to stay underwater for long. This is because your body is not created underwater. Now the question may arise here how do free divers go underwater for so long? Divers who go underwater for long periods prepare themselves through intense training.

Freedivers train their lungs and breathe to go underwater for a long time. You can also train yourself for freediving by taking the same steps. Any common person without any special training in freediving can dive for 1-2 minutes with the help of holding their breath under the water.

How Long Can Freedivers Hold Their Breath Underwater

Due to the different sizes of the spleen, this duration may vary from person to person: our spleen reserves oxygen and red blood cells to survive in such conditions. Free divers take advantage of their spleen size during underwater diving for a long time. But what if your spleen size is insufficient to hold your breath for long diving? If you are enthusiastic about freediving and your spleen size is small, don’t worry. You can train yourself for long freediving.

What is Freediving?

The process in which people dive into the water without any additional equipment and try to stay under the water for as long as possible is called free diving. Some people naturally have this ability due to their organs’ structure, while others train themselves for this type of diving. A good diver can stay in deep water for long periods of time without additional equipment. Your ability to free dive depends on the length of time and the depth of the water.

How to do freedive?

You may be able to dive because of your natural abilities, physical fitness, and excellent build. You may still need to have basic diving training. If you are naturally good at diving, you just need to work on how deep you can go in the water. And how soon do you have to come back and what do you have to do in the meantime? Before freediving, you should consider the following things:

  • Water depth
  • Your physical health
  • Belief in yourself
  • Weather conditions
  • Make sure that there is no obstruction in the water

Freediving is depended on your interest, health, and well. If you have all these things, you can be the best freedivers and learn how long can freedivers hold their breath.

  • Water depth

For freediving, the water must be deep so you can stay in the water for a long time. The most important point to test freediving is how deep you go.

  • Your physical health

Your physical health is very important for freediving. Avoid these types of activities if you are having difficulty holding your breath in any way or if you think that holding your breath could be dangerous for your lungs. It is a healthy people activity.

  • Believe in yourself

A wealth of self-confidence and self-belief is essential to do any job. Freediving is also important. If you are not experienced, you can learn it by believing in yourself and working hard.

  • Weather Conditions

When practicing or learning freediving, it is important that you are doing it in good weather conditions. Any type of severe weather is not suitable for this type of activity. Try freediving when the water and weather are not harmful to your health.

How to Train Yourself for Freediving?

You need to train yourself better for freediving. If you complete the training steps properly, emerging as a free diver is not a problem for you. The convenient thing for those who want to become freedivers is that you don’t need any extra hassle to learn freediving. Like learning other skills, you may need to take expensive courses, hire good instructors, and use training tools. Freediving is a skill that you can learn on your own without any extra hassle. All you have to do is practice controlling your breath and prepare your lungs to help you hold your breath for longer periods of time.

How Long can Freedivers Hold Their Breath?

You can take the help of some games that are played underwater according to your convenience. These games help you become a good diver. Always remember one thing, in the beginning, you will decide to play such games after examining your health and physical condition. Doing any underwater activity while holding your breath may be difficult for you at first. Although every task in the world is difficult at the beginning, you can become an expert with constant practice. Freediving training is the same way. You start slowly, build yourself up, and eventually prove that you are a good diver.

Underwater Sports

Practicing such sports can help you improve how long you can dive in the water. Understand the rules of these games, add some friends with you, and play these games underwater without taking a breath.

  • Aquathlon
  • Finswimming
  • Freediving
  • Skandalopetra
  • Spearfishing
  • Sport Diving
  1. Aquathlon

It is a type of wrestling sport played underwater in which two competitors fight each other. Although this game is played with the help of specific clothes and equipment, you can practice it by holding your breath.

  1. Finswimming

This game played with the help of fins, is perfect for your diving practice. You can play it on the surface of the water and also under the water. In this game, you basically compete with your fellow players to hold your breath.

  1. Freediving

You can also learn to dive by just practicing freediving without playing any other sport. All you have to do is practice holding your breath and training your lungs.

  1. Skandalopetra

Skandalopetra is an underwater sport in which stones are attached to the end of a rope and can be used to practice at a depth of 83 meters.

  1. Sport Diving

There are different types of sports you can play underwater. Sport diving is a sport that is similar to scuba diving. You can play it in small pools and also play with the vast waves of the sea.

Apart from these sports, many other sports can be played underwater. With the help of all these sports, you can prepare yourself for diving. All you have to do is focus on your main goal, which is to be able to hold your breath longer and learn how long can freedivers hold their breath. Different games that you can play for this purpose are as follows.

  1. Underwater football
  2. Underwater hockey
  3. Underwater photography
  4. Underwater rugby

You can also introduce new water sports to catch your breath. The goal here is to learn somehow how to hold your breath for long periods of time.

How Long can Freedivers Hold Their Breath?

How long can you hold your breath for freediving?

Once you have mastered it through your exercises, you get to freediving. If you manage to hold your breath for two to three minutes, you can consider yourself a diver. A typical dive may have a duration of three to four minutes. You can increase this duration through continuous exercises. Now, a diver from Spain is known worldwide as an expert in this work.

He is the world’s most expert diver who holds his breath for 24 minutes and 3 seconds, holding the number one spot in diving worldwide. It is difficult to say this according to their health and the environment there, but if you have dedication and are convinced to work hard, you can also hold your breath and enjoy freediving for a long time.


Many people can hold their breath for 30 seconds, but freedivers can hold it for 1-10 minutes.

They don’t just rely on holding their breath, but they have to manage their time as much as possible, so they hold their breath and go under the water for some time. Then they come to the surface of the water and take a quick breath and go back in.

Good divers hold their breath for over ten minutes to the maximum depth of water. However, their professionalism depends on how long they stay in the water.

Aleix Segura Vendrell of Spain is the man who has held his breath for the longest duration of 24 minutes and 3 seconds.


You learned in detail how long can freedivers hold their breath. All you have to do in this whole game is to train to hold your breath. This is how long can freedivers hold their breath. To understand this, you need to take some practical steps. By consistently training your lungs, you can become a good diver. It would be best if you start by practicing holding your breath for 1-2 minutes. Once you have mastered this exercise, gradually increase your stamina and try to be able to hold as many breaths as you can.

You can also use underwater sports for exercise. These games will help you to increase the duration of your breath hold in an imperceptible way. You can even invent your own new games for practice. This requires you to spend some time each day in a place where there is some deep water and gives you the opportunity to dive there. Surely with a few days of practice, you will be able to become a good swimmer, a good diver, and an excellent scuba diver.

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