How To Clean Snorkeling Gear (Expert Full guide for all tools)

Before learning how to clean snorkeling gear, let’s understand it. It is the name of floating on the water’s surface with some necessary tools and entering a little deeper. Almost 20 million people worldwide go snorkeling every year. Snorkelers use a variety of equipment for this important task. They are present all over the world in many fields ranging from procurement of these pieces of equipment to sanitation. All these departments and related people try to support snorkelers to improve their snorkeling trips and snorkeling experience

Staying in the water for too long can cause a lot of damage to your snorkeling gear that you may not realize. But being this way repeatedly, you eventually realize that the gear you bought is not in the condition it was in when you bought it. It is not a wise decision to go for your good activity with dirty and sloppy equipment. So try to always keep your snorkeling gear clean. Want to know how to keep your snorkeling gear clean? So read on as we’ve researched in detail to bring you the information that will help you hit the water with your snorkeling gear sparkling.

How Does Snorkel Gear Get Dirty?

You can keep anything cleaner longer if you know why it got dirty. Have you ever wondered why your tools in a snorkeling kit are less sloppy than other things in the water, but they get sloppy quickly? Let us understand why this happens.

When you get in the water with all your necessary snorkeling gear, you stay in the water for your allotted time or as long as you think is necessary, leaving the snorkeling gear open when you get out. Small particles of soil begin to settle on it through the air. You may notice that the edges, joints, and rough surfaces show up after a few days.

This is because dirt particles can take up residence wherever they find space in your tools. This dirt sits gradually until you start to feel dirty. To keep your snorkeling gear from getting dirty or to keep it looking new for longer, it’s important to cover it in its case as soon as you’re done snorkeling. After this covering, they will not be attacked by dirt and will remain clean for a long time.

How To Clean Snorkeling Gear (For all tools)

For snorkeling, you use different types of tools together. Keeping all that snorkeling gear safe and clean is a sign of being responsible and organized. Your snorkeling gear should include these helpful tools:

  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit
  • vest

We will understand in detail how to clean snorkeling gear. We will try to learn cleaning methods that are easy and maintain cleanliness for a long time.

How To Clean A Snorkeling Mask?

How to clean Snorkeling Gear

A mask is an important part of your snorkeling gear that is specially designed to protect the most delicate parts of your face. Keeping it safe and clean will keep you playing well for longer. Follow the instructions below to keep your mask in good condition.

  1. Rinse your mask with clean water to remove any dirt that has accumulated on its surface first. This will make your snorkeling mask look pretty clean, but it’s only superficial cleaning.
  2. Soak your mask in warm water. For this, use a silicone-based solution and soak the mask in a tub or large bowl. Soak the mask so that the water is on all sides of it or it is completely submerged in water. Try not to soak in hot water with a temperature above 120. The disadvantage of soaking in hot water is that it will soften the surface and cause it to break easily.
  3. Inspect the skirt of the mask for sand, dirt, or other types of debris. Clean the dirt from under the logos and around the edges of your mask.
  4. Try not to scrub with a brush that is too stiff, which will scratch and damage the surface of your mask instead of cleaning it.
  5. Wipe the dry cloth and place it in a ventilated place to dry. When dry, put it in the mask case.

How To Clean Snorkels?

It is important to always maintain and clean your snorkels. This will prolong their life; they will not only look good but also ensure your health and cleanliness in the water. Any part of your snorkel that is too old is not good for your health. Keep your essential snorkeling gear clean and usable by following the instructions below.

  1. Place the snorkels with their tubes in running water for a short period of time, where the water reaches every part of the snorkel for a long time. And try to see all its parts well so that there is no mud stuck in them. Look carefully at each part, such as the tubes, purge valve, mouthpiece, all nooks, and splash guard.
  2. Fill a large bowl with warm water and add soap or a detergent that is better than soap because snorkels require more cleaning.
  3. Soak in the solution for 5 to 8 minutes.
  4. You can also clean your snorkel with a soft toothbrush if needed; this will help remove the remaining mail.
  5. Leave it to teach for a while and when it is completely dry, put it back in your case.

How To Clean Fins

Nothing is easier to clean in snorkeling than fins. However, you still need to keep a few things and the following guidelines in mind.

  1. Submerge the fins in fresh water for some time. Pay special attention to the foot pack and see if there is any extra dirt or sand stuck on it. Remember that not cleaning these areas of your feet can lead to problems like foot allergies. So clean the fins thoroughly.
  2. Washing them again once in warm water will also remove the residue.
  3. Use any soap or detergent on it while washing with warm water and rinse thoroughly.
  4. After washing, wipe the entire fins with a dry towel.
  5. After wiping thoroughly and you are satisfied that they are now dry, put them in their case and keep them ready for further use.

How To Clean Wetsuit?

How to clean Snorkeling Gear

Areas are important, and depending on the area you are snorkeling in, there are some areas where you may need additional gear, such as a wetsuit. Wetsuits are very common in scuba diving and are needed in areas where it is cold, and the water is cold.

  1. Soak your Wetsuit inside out in fresh water.
  2. If possible, keep your Wetsuit in the water for a while, half an hour to an hour.
  3. Wash your Wetsuit carefully. Wringing too much can ruin its color and look.
  4. Once all these steps are done, flip your Wetsuit over and repeat the process.
  5. Use soap etc., and teach by wiping after some time.
  6. After teaching, repack it and keep it for next time use.
  7. It may also happen that you don’t use your Wetsuit for a long time, in which case you should store it.

How To Clean Vest?

Although the use of vests is not so necessary for snorkeling, some people use them to enhance their comfort and their snorkeling trip if you’re one of those people who prefer to wear a vest while snorkeling, follow these instructions carefully to keep it clean.

  1. Rinse your vest with fresh water and pay special attention to the inflation valve as there can be a lot of grit, sand and dirt. This debris can cause valve problems so it must be cleaned. Try to clean it at the first opportunity.
  2. You should wash your vest thoroughly using a mild soap. You can take any kind of water i.e. hot or cold water doesn’t matter much. You can determine this for yourself depending on the weather.
  3. After washing and cleaning thoroughly, leave the waste to dry.


Can we clean all snorkeling tools the same way?

Most of the time you use only one method to clean your tools and that is to wash with water, wash with soap etc., dry. But there are some tools that you wash separately.

Is the same snorkeling gear used for men and women?

Almost the same gear is used, but women can buy some special tools according to their needs. Read More.


It is important to keep your snorkeling gear clean as it not only makes your water adventure easier but also protects you from health issues. So never take gear cleaning lightly and always take care of it. Please do your best to put any gear you use while snorkeling into its proper case immediately after snorkeling, so it doesn’t get dirty.

Be sure to clean your snorkeling gear regularly, especially the mask and its hidden areas where dirt can accumulate. A mask is an important part of your gear, it is designed to protect important components like your face and eyes. So keeping it clean means protecting these parts of your body. Keep the snorkel clean. Try to soak all the tools first in plain fresh water for a while, then wash them with soap or detergent once the water has reached every part of them. Do not use hard brushes to remove dirt and grime, but use a soft brush or cloth to remove grime from holes and edges. This way you can keep your snorkeling gear clean.


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