How to Snorkel with Beard

How to Snorkel with Beard

How to Snorkel with Beard ! You’ve always wanted to go snorkeling, but you have a beard and are unsure how to do it. You’ve probably read or heard that it’s bad form to snorkel while sporting a beard. Snorkeling while sporting a beard is not a problem if you do it correctly. The focus now shifts to “How to snorkel with a beard?”

All the fun is destroyed when water gets inside the mask. Therefore, the ideal mask seal is crucial for snorkeling while sporting a beard. However, some individuals think snorkeling is impossible with a beard because the mask seal would not be completely tight.
Can a beard be worn while snorkeling? Yes, you can snorkel while sporting a beard as long as your snorkeling mask is comfortable and the correct size.

Use food-grade silicone on the edge of your snorkel mask if a beard breaks the seal. Ensure your facial hair fits comfortably in your snorkel mask to finish the process.

Let’s discuss the issues with snorkeling while sporting a beard in this article, along with some simple solutions. Even with a beard, you might be able to enjoy yourself in the water by following these suggestions.

How to Snorkel With a Beard

Issues to Snorkel With a Beard

Not having a wholly sealed snorkel mask is the main issue when snorkeling while sporting a beard. Water has a lower chance of getting inside your mask if it is well-made, clean, and has a tight seal. Having facial hair could cause the seal to break.

The question then becomes how to handle this so that growing a beard won’t make snorkeling less enjoyable. How can the seal’s beard be fixed?

  • Could something be inserted to repair the seal?
  • Or what kind of mask is appropriate for someone with a beard?
  • Does having a beard cause any issues?
  • What you should do to enjoy snorkeling while keeping your beard un-shaven.

Tips For Snorkeling While Sporting a Beard

A fantastic sport is snorkeling. However, growing a beard could make it more difficult for you to snorkel. Here are some simple tips.

  1. Choose the Correct Mask

Whether you have facial hair or not, choosing the proper snorkeling mask is an integral part of the sport. However, a tight seal is more crucial if you have a long beard; otherwise, salt water will leak into your mask.

Make sure the mask is tightly sealed because there is no room for error. It would be best if you first chose between a full-face snorkel mask that covers your entire face from head to the chin and a traditional snorkel mask that only covers your eyes and nose area.

It would be harder for you if you wore a traditional snorkel mask and had a beard. When wearing a conventional mask, most of your attention would be directed toward the area where your facial hair and the seal of the show meet.

You can take two approaches if you find it challenging to snorkel with a beard. Your first choice is to use food-grade silicone to tighten the seal and bond your beard. Searching for a full-face snorkel mask is the alternate choice.


Selecting a full-face snorkel mask will completely enclose your face, keeping your beard dry. Thanks to it, you’ll also have a wide field of vision and be able to breathe normally.

Full-face snorkel gear sets are popular among experienced snorkelers who have great results. Some top brands claim that the valve installed at the top of the mask does a fantastic job of keeping all the unwanted water out. Additionally, the valve enables you to inhale normally at the water’s surface.

  1. For Your Mask, Use High-quality Food-grade Silicone

The mask’s comfort should come first if you want to use a snorkel mask but have very little facial hair. Use high-grade, food-grade silicone for your mask seal if you wish to support the snorkel mask seal. The use of food-grade silicone is exceptionally safe, such as while snorkeling. It won’t cause any issues if it enters your mouth. I keep mentioning that silicone is food-grade because it is crucial.

Applying food-grade silicone to the snorkel mask’s edges is a simple process. Put on your snorkel mask and note where your facial hair makes contact with it. Afterward, apply some food-grade silicone to these contact points for a tight, flawless seal. Leave your mask for a few minutes after using the food-grade silicone to ensure that it adheres properly and forms the best deal possible.

You may have heard that Vaseline or something similar should be used, but I can assure you that’s not a good idea. Vaseline and other petroleum jelly products damage the silicone skirt around your mask due to their petroleum content. This could seriously affect the seal around your mask.
Beeswax, beard wax, and other products that contain beeswaxes, such as chapstick or lip balm, on the other hand, are assisting in creating the ideal mask seal. If you’re out of options, you can use these products. So using this, you can have a positive impact.

how to snorkel with a beard
  1. Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses while Snorkeling with a Beard

When snorkeling while sporting a beard, try to avoid wearing contact lenses. Although it seems unrelated, it is essential to take into account. The advice mentioned above will help you make your seal leak-proof, but keep in mind that there is always room for error. It will never be entirely faultless.

Different materials are used in contact lenses. Contact lenses made of soft materials can be problematic, but lenses made of rugged, gas-permeable materials can also be challenging, especially when scuba diving. The water in contact lenses may contain dangerous substances that could infect your eyes, another drawback to using them.

  1. Use Swimming Goggles with a Nose Clip

Using swimming goggles instead of a traditional mask will make it simpler to snorkel while sporting a beard. This is the best choice if you have a beard because it touches your eyes without covering them. Neither silicone nor hair removal from the face is required.

However, there are a few tips to consider when picking swimming goggles. First off, most people cannot endure prolonged comfort. Aqua Sphere Seal Goggle is one of the few models with a good skirt and is similar to a standard snorkel mask but without a nose pocket. It would be best if you also had a Swimming Nose Clip because swim goggles won’t cover your nose.

Finally, swimming goggles are not ideal if you want to dive while snorkeling (free diving). By blowing a little air through your nose while wearing a traditional snorkel mask, you can equalize the pressure that begins to build up a few feet below the surface. Swimming goggles are impossible, and you risk severe eye damage. There are fluid-specific goggles, but they are pricey and primarily used by free divers.

  1. Shave Facial Hair

We advise you to try a few masks before scuba diving or snorkeling with a beard if you cannot obtain food-grade silicone because we know that different shows have different shapes. However, if you have a rental snorkel mask that doesn’t fit well, you can work around this by being inventive.

Consider shaving or trimming your facial hair to fit the snorkel mask’s shape. Nothing too serious has happened. Shave your facial hair where it irritates you or where the mask isn’t fitting correctly by following the mask straps. Trimming the top of your beard on the sides of your face or the upper portion of your mustache underneath your nose can make a significant difference. Trim the mustache and beard’s edges slightly. Your lady will adore it, and I can guarantee that.

Put on your snorkel mask and note where it makes contact with your facial hair. And trim the area of your face where facial hair interferes with the mask’s seal. It’s not necessary to completely shave your face’s hair.

Perhaps it’s not for you if the overlap is too significant. You could benefit from trying a different mask that fits better and is worthwhile. So, keep experimenting with various masks until you find the right one. You can tidy up the edges of your beard or mustache if they differ slightly from how the mask fits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps the most popular product used to make an effective seal is Vaseline. The issue can be resolved by simply rubbing your beard and the skirt of your snorkel mask!

However, this might be an issue if you have a beard or mustache. Fortunately, most men can figure out how to make their lady tickler work with their masks. How? Read on. Most men discover they can still achieve an airtight seal while wearing their dive mask over a mustache or beard.

Employees with beards reported at least a three hundred and thirty (330) fold reduction in protection. According to the findings, when employees are required to wear respirators, the presence of a beard significantly increases the amount of leakage through the face seal.

The trick is to be sure to find a snorkel mask that fits nicely around your beard. So, Full face snorkel mask will cover your beard without disturbing your underwater exploration.

The Final Statement

The short answer to the frequently asked question of whether you can snorkel with a beard is yes. Given that everyone’s facial hair is different, you might need to try a few different methods before settling on the most comfortable one.

The presence of a beard is not a significant issue in daily life. Make a few wise choices, such as purchasing a superb snorkel gear set compatible with a beard. Just make sure your snorkel mask fits comfortably over your beard. Never let your facial hair bother you; embrace it with pride. Your gorgeous beards are something to be proud of. Just pick the right path!

Even though it may be challenging to use a full-face snorkel mask with a beard, everyone can still enjoy the marine life. We ensure that this article on How to snorkel with a beard will be helpful for you.
Thanks for reading.

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