Can you Snorkel While Pregnant? | Expert Guide 2024

Snorkeling is an activity that adds extra fun to your vacation moments. Common healthy people can enjoy it a lot to see the underwater world.

The question is, can you snorkel while pregnant? The short answer is yes you can but how and what precautions do you need to take while doing this snorkeling? We will understand all of them in detail today. Snorkeling is a safe activity for pregnant women. You can make any outdoor activity in the water safer by keeping a few precautions and tips in mind.

What water sports and activities can I do while pregnant?

Generally, three water activities and sports are quite popular

  • Swimming
  • Snorkel
  • And diving

Now if you are pregnant, which of these three important activities is safer for you? Pregnancy is a beautiful life and family experience. You can enjoy sightseeing, dining, walking, and playing sports while maintaining your beautiful result. Rather, it is recommended by doctors that you do activities during your pregnancy that are good for both your and your baby’s health. Is snorkeling among them or can we snorkel while pregnant? Compared to other water activities, snorkeling is a safer activity for pregnant women.

  • Swimming While Pregnant

Swimming is also considered a safe activity during pregnancy. But if you are in the early days of pregnancy and swim too hard or practice swimming for a long time, it can be harmful to you and your baby. However, consulting your nearest doctor is the best option in this regard. One thing is certain; it is not a safe water activity like snorkeling during pregnancy.

  • Can you Snorkel While Pregnant?

Can you Snorkel While Pregnant? In this activity you lie on your stomach, so many people believe that it is not good for the health of women who are pregnant and hoping to give birth to a new life. But this is not the case, many experts have suggested that you can snorkel while pregnant.

It makes you feel relaxed which is like a great medicine for tension release for you and your baby. But in this regard, one thing should not be forgotten, each person is different because of his physical condition, some things are best for most people, but not necessarily for others. Therefore, this is not a piece of medical advice, if you consider it necessary, you can do this activity according to your condition.

  • Diving
Can you Snorkel While Pregnant?

Diving is absolutely not recommended for women who are pregnant. The main reason for this is that you hold your breath while diving and stay underwater for a long time. Also, pregnant women are discouraged from scuba diving because the extra oxygen cylinders on their backs can be heavy, which can be harmful to their backs or the unborn child. All this detail has made it clear that pregnant women can snorkel.

How pregnant Woman can Snorkel?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you go snorkeling if you are pregnant or want to know the answer to this question Can you Snorkel While Pregnant then keep all these points in your mind.

  1. Assess your physical condition
  2. Check the weather conditions
  3. Choose a safe area
  4. Have someone with you
  5. Don’t hold your breath
  6. Don’t do too much
  7. Drink water constantly.
  8. Avoid overturning

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these points and understand how snorkeling can be safe for you while you are pregnant.

  • Assess your physical condition
Can you Snorkel While Pregnant?

Get your physical health checked by a good doctor. Although each person is well aware of his own temperament, how long he can easily do water activities, and whether they are not harmful to him. However, before going snorkeling, consult your physician to ensure that this activity is completely safe for you and your unborn baby. If the doctor gives permission for some conditions, take special care of these conditions. Well, generally speaking, snorkeling is a good practice for normal pregnant women.

  • Check the Weather Conditions

Along with consulting your doctor, the most important thing you have to look at is the weather conditions. Make sure the weather is safe for pregnancy snorkeling. The best weather for snorkeling means that it is not too cold for you to worry about catching a cold or flu, which would obviously end up causing problems for you or your unborn baby.

So always keep a close eye on the weather conditions. For this, try to coordinate your snorkeling plan according to the weather forecast. If the forecast is somehow not favorable for snorkeling, definitely do not go in the water with the intention of snorkeling.

  • Choose a safe area

Your doctor has cleared you to go snorkeling, but there are a few things you need to be aware of. While snorkeling during pregnancy you should carefully check the water area where you are going to be snorkeling. Make sure that the area is fully secured. One of the things you should check for pregnancy snorkeling is how deep is the water. Are there any sea creatures out there that could harm or scare you? After ensuring all these things, you should choose a safe water and area for this process.

  • Have someone with you

Are you pregnant and want to go snorkeling? Please stop. Take someone with you who can take care of you there. In case of an emergency, it can be very helpful to have someone with you. Try to take your spouse along for this, it will not only have a good time but also strengthen your relationship. Make both your safety and snorkeling memorable.

  • Don’t hold your breath 

You should not hold your breath in snorkeling during pregnancy as this is the time when you need oxygen supply the most. Don’t hold your breath for too long while freediving and snorkeling. This leads to some complex diseases that lead to major damage.

When you are constantly swimming or scuba diving you have to hold your breath so it is not recommended in case of pregnancy. Of course, snorkeling during pregnancy is allowed, but it is also a basic condition that you do not hold your breath for a long time.

  • Don’t do too much 

Doing any work for too long is not good for your health. This thing requires more caution when you are pregnant and want to go for your hobby of snorkeling. Try not to overexert your body. This can make you tired and sick. Set a time and commit yourself that your pregnancy snorkeling does not exceed that time limit.

  • Drink water constantly

The longer you stay in the water, the less you need to drink. But in fact, your body needs a certain amount of water that is necessary for your body. So drink water continuously without worrying about thirst. This process will make your baby feel happy.

  • Avoid Overturning

Snorkeling during pregnancy is allowed but avoid excessive physical activity and overturning. Doing so may cause you any sudden accident. In fact, your baby is in pain when you change your position and are doing labor at the same time.

There are some positions in which he feels comfortable but there are some positions that are painful for the baby. So try to avoid overturning too much. Of course, snorkeling without capsizing is a bit more difficult, but this capping means absolutely no flipping. You can reverse yourself as needed.

FAQs – Can you Snorkel While Pregnant?

  1. How long should a pregnant woman snorkel?

Using safe practices and the tips given, you can snorkel for up to fifteen minutes. If you want to do more, try to take a good break in between. Drink water during this break, rest, and then jump back into the water to fulfill your passion. Constant snorkeling can affect your health. You have another life attached to you, so be responsible and careful.

  • Can snorkeling go deeper during pregnancy?

Going deeper into snorkeling during pregnancy can not be safe. Try to stay on the surface of the water. If you try to go deeper into the water with your pregnancy, it will force you to hold your breath for longer which is not good for your health.

  1. Is ocean water safe during pregnancy?

The saltwater of the sea fills the body with many useful chemical factors and elements. Therefore, pregnant women can continue their activities in the water without worry while snorkeling. So snorkeling during pregnancy is not dangerous. Apart from the salty sea water, you will need to follow the instructions given by your guide.

  1. Is snorkeling hard for pregnant women?

If you are already snorkeling, you can do snorkeling during pregnancy. It will be easy for you because you have done it many times before. All you have to do during this time is to take care not to hold your breath in any way. You can snorkel in ocean water without holding your breath.


Snorkeling during pregnancy is not an activity that you should not do or that is dangerous to your health. You can easily do snorkeling during pregnancy but you have to observe some precautions. Especially during underwater workouts, you should try not to hold your breath for too long.

You should keep in mind the weather extremes when snorkeling during pregnancy. You should only go snorkeling during pregnancy when the weather is normal. Also, try to take someone with you. By following these few basic precautions, you can enjoy your snorkeling during pregnancy.

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